Billboards Work

We spend more time in our cars than ever before. Commute times are up. Traffic is more congested. That makes a billboard a more powerful medium than ever.

A billboard reaches consumers when they are in their cars, where they have the potential to become immediate customers by responding to an effective ad.

A billboard gives your product “top of mind” awareness among consumers on their way to buying – linking the in-home message with the out of home purchase.

  • Direct customers
  • Uncluttered delivery of message
  • Target a top media market
  • Deliver your message 24/7
  • Cost Effective
  • Strengthen media mix
  • Reach many desired demographics
  • Communicate with colorful, dramatic impact
  • Free to your customers

Direct customers

Does your business have poor sign exposure or a hard-to-find location? Cities have stringent regulations governing the size and height of on-premise signs. Many retail developments are landscaped with vegetation that obstruct the visibility of on-premise signs.

ASK YOURSELF: Do your customers need help finding your business? How many times have you had difficulty finding a business because of poor signage or sign-obstructing vegetation? How difficult is it for your customers to see your location?

Our billboards can help you gain a competitive edge by providing effective directional and promotional information for your customers.

Uncluttered delivery of your message

Onsite Insite’s billboards stand alone, without competition from other advertising messages for an uncluttered delivery of your message.

Target a top media market

Metro Phoenix is ranked as the 13th largest Designated Market Area (DMA).

The East Valley of Metro Phoenix is one of the most dynamic regions in the country and has been a major driver of the Greater Phoenix economy for the past two decades. The East Valley continues to create high paying jobs and a diverse, well-educated workforce. The Santan Freeway has created a strong, thriving and competitive retail economy. Our billboards allow you to target this dynamic, robust area.

This growing area is a retailer’s dream having a young, highly educated, affluent population. Onsite Insite’s billboards can help influence consumer decisions, generate traffic to your business and sell your products and services.

Deliver your message 24/7

Onsite Insite’s billboards are illuminated from dusk till dawn so we can deliver your message 24-hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Repetition is the secret of advertising success, and our billboards deliver repetition. Repetition builds recall and aids in branding.

Cost Effective

No other advertising medium reaches as many people, as often, at such a low cost. When it comes to generating repeat exposure to an audience, a billboard is the most cost effective per 1,000 viewers.

Strengthen media mix

A billboard adds continuity to your media mix.

Use our billboards to boost the effectiveness of your other types of advertising. Billboards can reach the young, mobile professional that may slip through the cracks with television and can create a strong visual reference for radio.

By adding billboards, you increase your exposure opportunities far greater than placing more dollars into the same media.

Reach many desired demographics

Onsite Insite’s billboards are an effective way to reach numerous age and income groups. Our billboards are in a vibrant area buzzing with people living, shopping, working and playing. The area is a magnet not just for residents of the region, but also for people from all over the country and the world.

Communicate with colorful, dramatic impact

Billboard advertising is big, bold and powerful. Our billboards’ eye-catching visual presence and size (14 ft. x 48 ft., 672 sq. ft.) can’t help but create a dynamic visual impact on your audience.

Free to your customers

Billboard ads are free to your customers. Your customers do not have to buy a magazine, a newspaper or cable television to see your advertisement.